Setting the Encryption Mode


You want to change the encryption mode.


Use Crypt::setMode().



This encryption mode will be used for subsequent Crypt::encrypt() and Crypt::decrypt() calls.

But only in the current request.

Here's a list of some cipher modes:

  • "ecb" - Electronic codebook. Suitable for random data, such as encrypting other keys.
  • "cbc" - Cipher Block Chaining. Especially suitable for encrypting files.
  • "cfb" - Cipher Feedback. The best mode for encrypting byte streams where single bytes must be encrypted.
  • "ofb" - Output feedback (8bit). Not recommended because it's insecure (only operates in 8bit mode).
  • "nofb" - Output feedback (nbit). Similar to "ofb" but more secure because it operates on the block size of the algorithm.
  • "stream" - An extra mode for stream algorithms like "WAKE" or "RC4".

By default Laravel automatically uses the mode cbc.

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