Registering HttpKernel Middleware


You want to modify some aspect of the request or response at a low level.

You know you could use before filters or after filters, but the function you want to perform is global across your entire application and it's at a low level.


Use the App::middleware() method.

First you must register your middleware. We'll call the class MyApp\Middleware in this example.


Then you must have the class MyApp\Middleware in your application to handle things.

If your class takes additional construction arguments, you can specify those arguments when you register the middleware.

// 1 arg
App::middleware('MyApp\Middleware', array($arg1));

// 2+ args
App::middleware('MyApp\Middleware', array($arg1, $arg2));


It's important to know where the middleware processing occurs. See Understanding the Request Lifecycle.

Here are some other recipes for middleware:

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