Getting the Value Attribute a Field Should Use


You need to determine what the value attribute is for a field name.


Use the Form::getValueAttribute() method.

$value = Form::getValueAttribute($fieldname);

This will return the value that should be used for the field or null if there's no value.

You can also specify a value that takes precedence over the model value if your form is bound to a model.

$value = Form::getValueAttribute($fieldname, $value);

If the flash session data contains a value for this field it still takes precedence, but passing the value as the second argument will take precedence over the model data.

See Creating a New Model Based Form.


This is often used in form macros.

There's a precedence to assigning values to fields. This precedence is discussed in Creating a New Model Based Form.

The Form::getValueAttribute() allows you to use the correct value, following the precedence, within your form macro.

See the Creating Form Macros recipe information about form macros.

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