Generating a Link to a Javascript File


You want your Blade template to load an external javascript file.

Instead of using <script ...> directly, you want to do this with the HTML facade.


Use the HTML::script() method.

Just pass the path to the javascript file.

{{ HTML::script('js/functions.js') }}

This produces the following HTML code.

<script src="http://your.url/js/functions.js"></script>

If the file path you pass isn't a complete URL, Laravel will use your application's URL to build a complete URL.

You can pass additional attributes in an array as the second argument.

{{ HTML::script('js/functions.js', array('async' => 'async')) }}

The attributes will be added to the script tag as the result below illustrates.

<script async="async" src="http://your.url/js/functions.js"></script>


The type attribute of <script> tags is optional with HTML5.

But if your web page is still HTML 4.01, you should add the "type" => "text/javascript" to the attributes you pass this method.

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