Changing the Default Request Class


You want to use a special Request class for your application.


Use the Application::requestClass() early in the request lifecycle.

Since one of the very first thing Laravel does when it boots is create the Application class, and the first thing the Application does is create a new instance of the Request class, you must make changes before this occurs.

Step 1 - Create your class

You must extend the class from \Illuminate\Http\Request.

<?php namespace MyApp;

class Request extends \Illuminate\Http\Request {
    // add your methods here

Step 2 - Modify bootstrap/start.php

At the very top, before the $app = new Illuminate\Foundation\Application; line, add the following code.

use Illuminate\Foundation\Application;


That's it. Now when the Application gets constructed it will use your class instead of the default Illuminate\Http\Request request.


This same method returns the request class.

If you don't pass any arguments to Application::requestClass() it won't set the request class, but it returns the class name used to create the request.

See Getting the Default Request Class.

Because setting the class occurs so early in the request lifecycle, you cannot yet use the App facade.

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