Extending Blade Templates


You want to extend your Blade templates with new functions.


Use the Blade::extend() method.

Let's say you want to add a @break command in your blade template. You'd implement it with code similar to the following.

    return preg_replace('/(\s*)@break(\s*)/', '$1<?php break; ?>$2', $value);

Then in your blade template you could use the break like so.

@foreach ($value_array as $value)
    @if ($value == 'end')
    {{ $value }}<br>

This snippet of code would output a list of values, but stop as soon as a value equals the word end.


Where should you add your Blade template extensions?

Anywhere before your view executes. Service providers are a great place. You could always add them in app/start/global.php or another helper file. See Creating a Helpers File.

Be sure and clear your views after implementing a new Blade command. Just delete the files from app/storage/views. Blade templates are smart enough to recompile templates when they change, but not when you extend Blade templates. Thus the first time you use the extension you've created it's a good idea to clear the views.

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