Pulling in the Content of a Parent Section in Blade


You want to merge in the content of a parent section in your Blade template.


Use the Blade command.

This will pull in the content of the previous section of the same name.

For example.


{{-- Later --}}

This would output the following.



At first glance the above seems to get cause and effect backwards.

But it doesn't. The logic working through that code is:

Line 1

Start capturing output. The section will be called test.

Line 2 - 3

Capture the two lines and Bottom.

Line 4

Stop capturing output. There's no previous test section, so all we do is store these two lines.

Line 7

Start capturing output. The section will be called test.

Line 8

Capture the line Top

Line 9

Stop capturing data. Since there's already a section named test, we'll replace any in the previous section with our captured data. Now our test section contains two lines: Top and Bottom. Since this was a @show command we now yield the test section, outputting these two lines.

When you use an @extend at the top of a Blade template, Blade will first load and process your existing template, then it will load and process the template specified with the @extend command.

If you think about it. How the @extend command and the command work, compliment each other nicely.

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