Getting a Cache Driver Instance


You want to retrieve an instance of a cache driver.


Use the Cache::driver() method.

Use the method without any arguments to return the default driver.

$driver = Cache::driver();

If the default driver hasn't been created, it will be created before being returned.

You can also pass the name of the driver you wish to retrieve.

$driver = Cache::driver('apc');

This will return the APC cache driver, creating it if needed.


There are eight built in cache drivers.

They are:

  • The APC cache driver
  • The array cache driver
  • The database cache driver
  • The file cache driver
  • The Memcached cache driver
  • The Redis cache driver
  • The WinCache cache driver
  • The XCache cache driver

You can also use this method to return a custom driver you've created. See Using Your Own Cache Driver.

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