Retrieving an Item From the Cache


You want to retrieve an item from the cache.


Use the Cache::get() method.

$value = Cache::get($key);
if ($value === null)
    echo "Value wasn't cached.";

If the value isn't found (or has expired), then Cache::get() returns the default, which is a second argument defaulting to null.

$value = Cache::get($key, 'default-value');
echo $value;  // either retrieved value or 'default-value'


Use caution when storing null values.

Since the default value to Cache::get() is null, unless you pass a different second argument there's not way to tell if the null return represents the cached value or the default.

In other words, the following code is true.

Cache::put('test1', null, 60);    // store null as test1
Cache::forget('test2');           // delete test2 if it exists

if (Cache::get('test1') == Cache::get('test2'))
    echo "This always prints";
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