Using Environment Specific Start Files


You have startup code that should only execute in a specific environment.

You understand how to configure different environments, but you need execute special code depending on your environment.


Create an environment specific start file.

Let's say your machine is configured where the environment equals foo. If you create app/start/foo.php with the following content.

die("I'm in app/start/foo.php");

Then every request will die with that message. Every request where Laravel determines your environment is foo, that is.

First Laravel will load app/start/global.php. Then, if your environment is foo, Laravel will see if app/start/foo.php exists and execute it if it does.


About the other start files.

Laravel provides an empty app/start/local.php anticpating you'll have a local environment.

The app/start/artisan.php file is only loaded when artisan runs. Typically, it contains initialization code for console commands your application provides.

If you want additional code loaded when unit testing, create an app/start/testing.php file with the code.

When are these files loaded?

The point in the request lifecycle these files are loaded are after the framework is booted. See Calls booted callbacks in The Booting Steps portion of Understanding the Request Lifecycle.

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