Storing a Value in the IoC Container


You want to store a value in the IoC container

You understand the IoC container is an integral part of Laravel's core and would like to store a value in it, making the value available to another area of your application.


Use App::instance()

$is_evening = (date('G') > 18) ? true : false;
App::instance('myapp.evening', $is_evening);

You can later access your value with App::make('myapp.evening') or even app('myapp.evening').


The IoC container is more than a dependency resolver

Of course, resolving dependencies is where the IoC container shines, but you can store anything in it.

Be careful your key doesn't conflict with one of Laravel's built-in keys. Don't use values such as 'view', 'log', or 'event'. There's a long list of values not to use, here's just a partial list:

view, exception.plain, env, exception, encrypter, view.engine.resolver, events, files,, db, whoops.handler, redirect, router, url, command.workbench, cookie, package.creator, exception.debug, whoops, view.finder, db.factory, session

It's probably best to have all your application keys begin with something specific to your application, such as 'myapp.'.

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