Creating a Laravel Project


You're ready to begin coding in Laravel.

You want to start a new Laravel project and don't know how to set things up for your new project.


Use Composer to create a project.

laravel:~$ composer create-project laravel/laravel myapp

This will take a few minutes to run, when finished an empty project will be created in the myapp directory.


This single Composer command does a lot.

The create-project command will create the standard Laravel directory structure with default files. It will automatically build the composer.json file, and then will download and install all the dependencies.

The directory structure created is as follows:

myapp : project directory
|- app : application directory
|---- commands : console commands
|---- config : configuration files
|---- controllers : where controllers go
|---- database : database stuff
|------- migrations : where migrations are stored
|------- seeds : where seeding logging is stored
|---- lang : language translations
|---- models : where models are stored
|---- start : application startup files
|---- storage : directories for disk storage
|------- cache : where cached data is stored
|------- logs : where logs are stored
|------- meta : meta information storage
|------- session : session storage area
|------- views : storage of assembled blade templates
|---- tests : unit tests
|---- views : blade templates
|- bootstrap : framework bootstrap files
|- public : document root for web applications
|- vendor : composer installed dependencies
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