Using a PSR-0 Directory Structure


You have too much code in app/models and app/controllers.

Your application is growing and there's too many files in the few directories Laravel initially provides.


Use a PSR-0 directory structure.

First edit composer.json and update the autoload section.

    "autoload": {
        "psr-0": {
            "MyApp": "app/"
        "classmap": [

Here you should remove any directories you will no longer be using from the "classmap" section and add the "psr-0" section specifying your application name.

Then regenerate the autoload files.

$ composer dump-auto

That's it, now you can use namespaces and build a hierarchy of classes.


An example class.

Let's say you have a controller for the above app to handle miscellaneous pages. You might have a file in app/MyApp/Controllers named MiscController.php. This file would look something like.

<?php namespace MyApp\Controllers;

class MiscController extends \Controller {
    // methods go here
Line 1

Here you're establishing the namespace.

Line 3

And you're naming the class MiscController. You'll be able to access this class anywhere in your application using the full MyApp\Commands\MiscController namespace.

The nice thing about PSR-0 is the question "Where do I put my code?" becomes "How do I want to organize my classes?"

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