Listing Your Routes


You want a quick way to list your routes.

Yes, you know you can look at the app/routes.php file, but it'd be nice to see a clean, table-like list showing you all the routes.


Use the php artisan routes command.

$ php artisan routes

You will then see all of your routes, nicely displayed on your console.

Here's a partial list of routes running the laravel-recipes site (edited to fit on small screens).

| URI                       | Action                  | Before Filters |
| GET /                     | PageController@home     | cache.get      |
| GET contents              | PageController@contents | cache.get      |
| GET faq                   | PageController@faq      | cache.get      |
| GET topics                | PageController@topics   | cache.get      |
| GET codes                 | PageController@codes    | cache.get      |


You can also filter the list.

To filter and only show the routes beginning with ho try this.

$ php artisan routes --name=ho

Or to filter the routes by path, you can use the --path= option.

$ php artisan routes --path=c

This will display all your routes with paths beginning the letter c.

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