Creating a New Migration


You want to create a new database migration.

You understand that migrations are sort of a version control for your database and are ready to use them.


Use the php artisan migrate:make command.

This command creates a skeleton migration template for you in the app/database/migrations directory. After issuing the command you can edit the newly created file and add any needed specifics. (Such as additional fields, indexes, etc.)

To create a new table, use the --create option.

$ php artisan migrate:make --create=users create_users_table

To update an existing table, use the --table option.

$ php artisan migrate:make --table=users add_name_to_users

If you want your migrations stored in a location other than app/database/migrations you can use the --path option to the command.


Migrations are powerful.

Using migrations will provide a history how your application's database has changed and grown over time.

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