Changing the View For Password Reminders


You don't care for the default email sent users for password reminders.


Change the email view.

You can edit the file reminder.blade.php in the app/views/emails/auth directory. This is what the password reminder component uses to build the email.

The default version is below.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <h2>Password Reset</h2>

      To reset your password, complete this form:
      {{ URL::to('password/reset', array($token)) }}.

You can change the view itself, or change the location of the view by editing your app/config/auth.php file.

    'reminder' => array(
        'email' => 'emails.auth.reminder',

Simply change the setting to a different view name.


This is the only default view provided by Laravel.

But, if you followed the recipe for Creating a Reminders Controller then there are two more views you'll need to create.


This view should be created to accept an email address. This will be the view your application should link to with a "Forgot Password?" type link.


This view should be created for a user to change their password. The email the user recieves contains a link back to this form. The form must contain four fields: 'email', 'password', 'password_confirmation', and 'token'.

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