Using Comments in Blade Templates


You want to comment your Blade code.

But you don't want the comments to appear in the resulting HTML code.


Use Blade style comments.

Comments in blade begin with {{-- and end with --}}. They can span multiple lines.

{{-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  -- Here's a big long comment block
  -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  -- I want to document what this template does. Right now it only shows
  -- comments, but who knows? Maybe in the future it will do something else.

    {{-- of course, you can have single line comments too --}}
    Hey, punk.


Don't put PHP comments in your Blade comments.

Because Blade actually turns the {{-- and --}} constructs into /* and */. This means if you had the following comment, the text "in your comment */" would be output.

{{-- Don't put the closing PHP comment */ in your comment --}}
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